How to Get the Water Pressure You Want

Which is better, high or low water pressure?

The answer may surprise you: neither.

Most people would prefer to go to a hotel that has very strong showers.  That is not in doubt.  If you ask the hotel manager if he liked his strong showers he would cry about the cost and damages in causes on his plumbing system.

On the other hand only a huge tight wad would wish to have a single stream of water in the shower.

The best of all in this eco conscious world is a moderate pressure.  This can be achieved using a pressure reducing valve if the city water pressure is extreme.  What to do if the pressure is poor?

Simple answer, install an Amtrol Pressuriser; a water pressure boosting device.

Amtrol RP-15HP Pressuriser 15 GPM

Amtrol RP-15HP Pressuriser 15 GPM


Amtrol is an American company who has a long history of making quality products.  The  system comes in 3 different models and must be sized properly.   It consists of a water storage tank and a pump.

The Pressuriser is designed to increase water pressure in single and multi-family dwellings.  The pump, digital control and tank are engineered specifically to boost city water pressure by up to 50 psi.

For those who suffer from this issue I am very pleased to offer the only logical solution.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a shower that actually washes the soap away?